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The Public and Project Finance Group presents
Public Pension Disclosure — Recent
Developments and Emerging Ideas
About Best Practices

The podcast will address recent developments related to public pension disclosures. Particular topics will include a discussion of recent proposals by industry professionals with a view to what may be emerging ideas about best practices. SEC enforcement actions with respect to issuers and individual officers will also be discussed.

Mark H. Vacha
Public Finance
215.665.6975 | mvacha@cozen.com
Podcast Segments:
Background and Certain Terminology
Pension Documents, Tabular Presentations and Prospective Information
SEC Enforcement Actions
Issue Spotting and General Themes
Post-Script-Recent GASB Proposal Regarding Projections

Podcast Links:
Memorandum from Alicia F. Goldin, Division of Trading and Markets regarding Meeting with Representatives of the National Association
of Bond Lawyers (NABL)
Governmental Accounting Standards Board –
Documents for Public Comment
SEC – Municipal Securities Cases and Materials Supplemental Text
(2004-2010 Cases)

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