Errant Judges and Lawyers: What to Do?


PBI Conference Center
5080 Ritter Road, Rossmoyne Exit, Rt. 15, Mechanicsburg, PA

Date & Time

Start Date: 06/16/2011


The recent juvenile justice scandal that rocked the Courts of Luzerne County sent tremors throughout the Commonwealth and undermined the public’s confidence in our ability to police our own. In response, the Interbranch Commission was created to investigate the situation in Luzerne County and make recommendations on what can be done to improve the administration of juvenile justice throughout the State. In May 2010, the Commission released its report and recommendations. PBA President Gretchen Mundorff has since created a Task Force to study the Interbranch Commission Report and put forth concrete ways in which those recommendations can be implemented.

The Task Force CLE Subcommittee has designed this free day-long program to address our responsibilities as members of the bar and officers of the court. Join us as we highlight what each of us can do to restore the confidence and faith of the people of Pennsylvania in their bar and judiciary.


Thomas G. Wilkinson is a course planner for this program.



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