Kroll Ontrack 2011 E-Discovery Certification Courses


Kroll Ontrack Headquarters:
9023 Columbine Road,
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Date & Time

Start Date: 04/07/2011


With more than 25 years of experience in the legal, information management and data recovery industries, Kroll Ontrack possesses extensive expertise in preparedness and response best practices, technology applications and risk management. Through attending the Kroll Ontrack E-Discovery Certification Course, you and your organization will be better positioned for efficient and cost-effective management of your most critical asset – information.

In addition to providing you with a thorough education regarding a topic that continues to plague corporations, law firms and government entities, attending the Kroll Ontrack E-Discovery Certification Course will also help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and increase your value within your organization as a vital legal and technical resource to your clients and colleagues.


David Walton is an instructor for this course.