PBI Presentation: Computer Forensics in Restrictive Covenant and Trade Secrets


Mechanicsburg, PA

Date & Time

Start Date: 12/16/2011


Dave Walton will be speaking at the PBI sponsored presentation, "Computer Forensics in Restrictive Covenant and Trade Secret s." Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. Technology makes your clients’ proprietary information more accessible and easier to copy and take than ever before. Customer relationships and goodwill continue to be entrusted to key employees. Sooner or later, your clients and you are going to be faced with a situation where a key employee has moved to a competitor, placing your client’s confidential information and customer relationships at risk. In this program, you’ll learn what you need to know about the basic legal principles and most recent Pennsylvania case law on restrictive covenant agreements and trade secrets.



David J. Walton

Chair, Cyber Solutions & Data Strategies


(215) 665-5547