State vs. Federal Rules of Procedure and Evidence


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Start Date: 05/20/2011


- Weigh all the pros and cons of removing a case to federal court.

- Review federal electronic filing procedure and ensure all the crucial documents are submitted in order to give your case the best chance of success.

- Let seasoned attorneys walk you through the life of a claim and point out pitfalls along the way.

- Explore the ADR practices in both state and federal courts and find out what trial alternatives may work better in particular cases.

- Understand how moving for a preliminary injunction shifts the dynamics of the case and use it to your advantage.

- Learn to determine when a summary judgment motion is a viable option.

- Analyze the mandatory disclosures rule and learn how to ensure compliance.

- Gain valuable case management tips from experienced state and federal court litigators.
Ensure admissibility with statutory and case law updates on state and federal rules of evidence.


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Barry M. Klayman


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