The Evolving World of ERISA 2011: An Introduction


Groupcast Locations, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsburg and New Brunswick

Date & Time

Start Date: 05/16/2011


A working knowledge of ERISA’s framework is crucial for lawyers, HR practitioners and other professionals in the area of employee benefits and compensation planning. Our experienced faculty of leading practitioners will discuss a broad array of topics, including the basic regulatory framework, the types of plans covered, the requirements for intended tax treatment, fiduciary responsibilities and other issues relating to the investment of plan assets, how to correct errors and the role of the benefits practitioner in the transactional setting. In addition, you will learn about recent IRS, DOL and legislative and judicial developments. The benefits practice also reaches beyond ERISA and the tax laws, and the scope of the seminar will extend to executive compensation and to related laws other than ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code, such as those covering employment discrimination.

What you will learn

• Tax and ERISA issues surrounding tax-qualified retirement plans, health and welfare plans, executive compensation and the investment of plan assets.

•Differences between various types of tax-qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans, 401(k) plans and ESOPs.

•Legal requirements relating to tax qualification as well as ERISA's fiduciary and prohibited transaction rules.

•ERISA litigation, employee benefits in mergers and acquisitions, accounting issues related to employee benefits and employee benefits in bankruptcy, as well as new rules governing the taxation of deferred compensation.


Jay A. Dorsch is speaking on the topic "Title IV - Defined Benefit Plans: Design, Funding, the PBGC, Plan Terminations, Multiemployer Plans."



Jay A. Dorsch

Chair, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

(215) 665-4685

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