IP Strategy and the Bifurcated MIPS Technologies Deal: A Case Study


Stanford University, Graduate School of Business 

450 Serra Mall

Stanford, CA 94305

Victor Castellucci, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Intellectual Property Litigation practice and former counsel for Silicon Valley stalwart MIPS Technology, discusses the history and logistics of the blockbuster sale of the company at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. The historic transaction faced shareholder derivative suits and a bidding war before taking shape as a bifurcated deal. 498 of MIPS’ total 580 patent assets were sold to Bridge Crossing LLC, an acquisition vehicle of Allied Security Trust, grossing $350 million for MIPS, which also negotiated a royalty-free perpetual license under all of the patent properties sold to Bridge Crossing. The remaining 82 patents, and license rights to all of the remaining patent properties, as well as the operating business of MIPS, were sold to Imagination Technologies Group plc for $100 million.



Victor J. Castellucci



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