Webinar: Hot Issues in the Insurance Bad Faith Arena




Date & Time

Start Date: 08/06/2013
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM


The National Underwriter Company will be holding an online webinar with the focus on gaining the upper hand in today's bad faith claims. Alicia Curran, of the Insurance Practice Group, will be a featured speaker during the presentation. Attendees will receive information on: 

  • Expert Testimony: How Is It Used and When Is it Admissible?
  • Payment of Claims: What Is Effect If Bad Faith Allegations Are Pending?
  • Time Sensitive Policy Limit Demands: How to Respond and What Is the Effect of Multiple Parties?
  • Important Litigation Sensitivity: Is There Continuing Bad Faith Exposure Once Litigation Commences?
  • Important New Legislation: Who's Creating Bad Faith Private Causes of Action?


Registration is required to attend. To register, click here


Alicia G. Curran



Alicia G. Curran



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