Government and Private Multidistrict Litigation


Minnesota State Bar Association
600 Nicollet Mall #380
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Date & Time

Start Date: 09/26/2018
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 1:30 pm


Mark Jacobson, a member of the firm's Commercial Litigation Department, will present "Government and Private Multidistrict Litigation" for the Minnesota State Bar Association on September 24. In major antitrust litigation, frequently the same alleged anticompetitive conduct can draw the attention of both government enforcers and private class action plaintiffs.  When this happens, the public and private plaintiffs have an obvious interest in some degree of cooperation.  Similarly, by holistically considering both the private litigation and government investigations, defense attorneys can try to reduce the burden of duplicative discovery and consider the implications of both actions when attempting to negotiate resolutions for their clients.  This CLE will explore such litigation, focusing especially on the way in which parallel private and public antitrust litigation interact.

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Mark A. Jacobson

Co-Chair, Antitrust

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