Ethical Implications When Outsourcing Legal Work



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Start Date: 12/10/2020



Thomas Wilkinson and William Gericke presented a webinar for the American Bar Association.

“Outsourcing” generally refers to “the practice of taking a specific task or function previously performed within a firm or entity and, for reasons including cost and efficiency, having it performed by an outside service provider.” ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, Revised Proposal—Outsourcing (Sept. 19, 2001). In an era where lawyers and law firms seek to run “lean” as a way of keeping costs down, many practices find that outsourcing legal and nonlegal services once performed in-house by law firms can be a wise financial move. The advent of COVID-19—and accompanying social distancing and remote work requirements—has accelerated consideration of outsourcing various administrative services so as to streamline back-office functions.


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