Is Less Litigation Good for Construction?



Date & Time

Start Date: 05/13/2020
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 1:00 PM



Christopher Sweeney presented a webinar for Ankura. The webinar discussed what questions involving construction law could remain given the volume of construction projects and disputes that arise in the U.S. You might think all areas of construction law have been formally disputed and/or documented in publicly available court decisions, but that is simply not the case.


The construction industry and the disputes that arise continue to evolve, and as such, construction law is always developing. The seemingly high cost of litigation, and the growing relevance and prominence of private, non-litigation/alternative dispute resolution forums, such as mediation and arbitration, means there are fewer new laws being introduced and fewer written decisions on standing laws than one might expect.


Join us as we look at the trend in construction litigation and explore alternatives to known case law.

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