UDRP, URS, ACPA and Beyond: Domain Name Enforcement, Brand Protection Strategies, Recent Decisions



Date & Time

Start Date: 07/15/2020
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 2:30 PM



Paula Zecchini will be a panelist for the Strafford webinar, "UDRP, URS, ACPA and Beyond: Domain Name Enforcement, Brand Protection, Strategies, Recent Decisions." Trademark owners and their counsel must understand the benefits and limitations of the UDRP, URS system, and the ACPA to ensure that they are adequately protecting their trademarks in the evolving domain name space. As the domain name space expands, enforcement efforts against infringing domain names are essential. The URDP has become an important weapon for brand owners, but there are times, albeit relatively rare given the cost, when a domain name infringement may warrant a federal suit under the ACPA.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the URS proceeding, introduced in connection with ICANN's new gTLD program, involves consideration of cost-effectiveness and unique outcomes. Among the advantages of the URS are quicker adjudication and lower cost. However, the URS has disadvantages that should be carefully considered, including the lack of a transfer remedy. Overall, the URS has not been widely used, and we will examine why that is the case and whether this reality may change going forward.

Listen as our authoritative panel of trademark attorneys guides trademark counsel on the advantages and disadvantages of various rights protection mechanisms and strategies, including the URS, UDRP, and ACPA. The panel will examine the considerations in determining how to develop and implement a successful domain name enforcement strategy, how to select the best dispute resolution mechanism, and how to manage a domain name portfolio as new gTLDs continue to be added to the domain name landscape.


Paula L. Zecchini

Vice Chair, Business Litigation


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