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Date & Time

Start Date: 10/28/2020
Start Time: 11:00 am
End Date: 10/30/2020
End Time: 12:20 pm


Chris Kende will participate in a joint working session titled, "The Global Impact of Covid-19 on the Health and Insurance Industries and the Right to Privacy: Will we ever get back to 'normal'?" at the UIA Virtual Congress on Thursday, October 29. This joint working session will combine the experience and expertise of members of the Biotechnology and the Health and Insurance Law Commissions. It will examine the impact of Covid-19 on the right to privacy, due to mechanisms for surveillance and tracking of the disease, and global health effects of the pandemic, including Brazilian Constitutional Implications on the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the French response and the Chinese perspective. Regarding insurance, its focus will be to review insurance coverage issues, particularly relating to claims for losses due to business interruption, and the industry’s response. 


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