The Very Public Nature of Privacy Litigation and Best Practices to Reduce Risk



Date & Time

Start Date: 04/21/2021
Start Time: 2:30 pm
End Time: 3:30 pm EDT


Andy Baer, Dan Brewer, and Meredith Slawe will be presenting a webinar on the latest cases and theories being tested in courts across the country, and practical and business-friendly strategies to reduce litigation risk. There has been an uptick in privacy class action litigation related to data breach incidents; online tracking and session replay website and mobile app technology; the capture, possession, and disclosure of biometric or other personal information; credit reporting; children’s privacy; and text messaging. Emerging state laws impose onerous new requirements on businesses, while existing federal and state laws continue to be leveraged by the plaintiffs’ bar in new ways. For companies of any size, the exposure in these actions can be crushing, and the sensitivities/PR implications can be significant. Andy, Dan, and Meredith will be joined by Lisa Detig, vice president and associate general counsel at Match Group.



Andrew Baer

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Daniel Brewer, CIPP/US


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Meredith C. Slawe

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