Cozen O’Connor: 5 Transportation Ballot Measures Voters Gave A Green Light

5 Transportation Ballot Measures Voters Gave A Green Light

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In a special Election 2016 Law360 article, Robert Freeman discusses the benefits of the transportation-focused election ballot initiatives. 

American voters strongly backed boosting investments in transportation infrastructure at the state and local level on Tuesday, signing off on ballot initiatives in California, Illinois, New Jersey and elsewhere to ensure funding for mass transit and other major projects.

As many as 25 states asked voters to weigh in on potentially $200 billion in transportation and shared infrastructure investments this election, and public transit in particular snagged the biggest spotlight with a variety of citywide or regional ballot initiatives tackling rail, bus and ferry service expansions, while other initiatives sought to lock in funding for seaports, airports and bike path construction.

Even as President-elect Donald Trump pledges to push a jobs plan calling for prioritizing the redevelopment of aging roads, bridges, highways and airports nationwide, experts say the results of Tuesday's transportation-focused ballot initiatives make clear that local leaders are taking action to advance infrastructure investments.

"The one thing you have to look at is there was leadership at that level to put those initiatives out there, that's a shift, that's a positive shift," Robert Freeman told Law360.

The five key transportation initiatives approved by voters Tuesday include: Los Angeles Metro expansion, San Francisco BART improvements, Seattle Sound Transit expansion,  New Jersey Gas Tax Revenue Lockbox, and Illinois Transportation Lockbox. 

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