Cozen O’Connor: FBI Reopens Clinton Email Probe with Only Days until Election [Fox Business News]

FBI Reopens Clinton Email Probe with Only Days until Election [Fox Business News]

Friday, October 28, 2016

Blake Rutherford, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategiesappeared on two segments of “Making Money with Charles Payne” on Fox Business News. Blake suggested that the FBI has not yet provided enough information to be able to draw a conclusion about Clinton’s involvement in the email case. “I think the headlines are being spun particular ways depending on your political persuasion. But there’s so much here that we don’t know; this letter is full of so much ambiguity. It doesn’t suggest any impropriety,” Blake conveyed. He also called for more information to be made public by the FBI, saying, “The FBI director should, as both campaigns have called for, provide more information, explain what he means in this letter and educate the American public about where he is in this investigation and where it’s going.” Click here to view the full clip.

In the second segment, Blake continued to criticize assumptions surrounding the Clinton email investigation. “I think this is very much a question of what does the FBI director mean by the language that he’s used in his letter and for us not to take this anymore down a dangerous political path then we need to until we know a lot more information,” Blake reminded the panel. He also recalled the monotonous findings of the FBI’s previous investigation. “Hilary Clinton has already been cleared by the FBI; there is nothing in this letter that suggests that she has done anything improper,” Blake added. To view the full clip, click here.