Cozen O’Connor: The Economy According to Trump and Hillary Clinton's Vision

The Economy According to Trump and Hillary Clinton's Vision

Friday, July 22, 2016

Blake Rutherford, counsel in Cozen O'Connor Public Strategies, appeared on CNBC’s "Closing Bell" to discuss Trump and the bleak view of the economy he portrayed in his nomination acceptance speech in Cleveland. Blake described Trump’s depiction as “paint[ing] perhaps the gloomiest picture of America and the American economy that we have ever heard from a presidential candidate at a convention or anywhere else.” Blake said that Trump’s plan to rectify this apparent condition “achieves very little and, in fact, does a lot to harm working families. You’ve got a tax cut plan that’s going to add $10 billion to the national debt. You’ve got a trade policy that is certain to ignite trade wars with China and Mexico through these extraordinary tariffs. He is looking at giving 120,000 millionaires roughly a $3 trillion tax cut and doing nothing for working families. These are all very well-stated facts, and they are going to explode the American debt and do nothing to help put people back to work, to help jobs or economy, or the problems the American public faces.”

Blake also discussed claims that a Hilary Clinton victory will simply result in a third-term Obama presidency, saying that “I think that she will highlight the achievements of the Obama administration, and if you look at where we were in 2009, compared to where we are today, you have to like the economic trend lines. But I think she will set a vision for her America and what America is going to be like under her presidency.” See his full interview here.