Cozen O’Connor: Transportation Ballot Measures To Watch In The Midterms

Transportation Ballot Measures To Watch In The Midterms

Friday, November 2, 2018

Robert Freeman, a government relations principal in Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies group, was quoted in Law360 about the California gas tax repeal in the upcoming midterm election. “There was a bold move to impose the tax increase [last year] and there’s clearly those that have made paying taxes and user fees — just that statement alone — a bad idea,” said Robert. “Then you add on top of that those who are frustrated by the conditions of roads who then question why invest more [because] what we have doesn’t work and we should look at pulling away from those.” “But those increases haven’t been in place long enough for them to make a difference,” Freeman added. “Infrastructure investment and the associated work, it takes a little time and certainly takes more than a year.”

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