Liability Insurance Coverage for Clergy Sexual Abuse Claims [Connecticut Insurance Law Journal]

Richard Mason, of the Global Insurance Department, co-authors this Connecticut Insurance Law Journal with Peter N. Swisher of the University of Richmond, discussing clergy sexual assault claims.

Sexual offenders constitute a grave social problem in contemporary American society. For a quarter century, sexual abuse claims have been brought against an increasing number of Roman Catholic dioceses and priests and against members of other religious denominations as well. Sexual predators who abuse minor children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and face serious criminal and civil liability for their detestable acts. But should these sexual abuse claims, including clergy sexual abuse, be covered under liability insurance policies, that commonly exclude acts that are "expected or intended from the viewpoint of the insured?" The courts have been far from uniform in addressing this and other related issues arising under liability insurance policies.

To read the journal (17 Connecticut Insurance Law Journal 355 (2011)), click here


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