Construct New Miami-Dade Civil Courthouse Now [Daily Business Review]

Jeff Gilbert of the Commercial Litigation Department discusses the history of the Miami-Date Civil Courthouse, now in despair, and the plans for the new courthouse. He remembers fondly the grandeur of the courthouse his first time there, almost 30 years ago. He had the building mapped out and new the best places to work. But more than 30 years later, the allure of the courthouse has vanished. The majority of the 144 support columns are compromised structurally, and a large number of them have been labeled "in emergency status."

Repairing the courthouse would be astronomical, and therefore a new location is being sought to start construction on a new building. The new civil courthouse will cost approximately $400 million to construct and will include 600,000 square feet and approximately 50 courtrooms, 48 or more chambers, a private entrance for the judges, workable clerk areas, a jury room and food services areas for the lawyers, jurors and the public. 

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