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Subrogation & Recovery Blog

Counsel Can Now Sign Settlements Agreements in California

Most, if not all attorneys, are familiar with section 664.6 of the California Civil Procedure Code (CCP §664.6). CCP §664.6 previously authorized a court, upon motion, t... MORE >

The Latest California Court of Appeals Decision Further Clarifies Product Defect Claims Under The Right to Repair Act

The California Court of Appeals, in State Farm General Insurance Company v. Oetiker, Inc., has recently (filed December 18, 2020) provided much-needed guidance on the scop... MORE >

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate: When is There Money in Your Subro Case?

One of the marks of a successful subrogation professional is knowing that line between a case being a closer versus having recovery potential. In this episode of Subro o... MORE >