Ancillary Businesses

From its humble beginning as a four-attorney firm in 1970, Cozen O’Connor has grown into a full-service, Am Law 100 firm of more than 850 attorneys in 31 cities on two continents and is consistently ranked among the top law firms in the country. We provide sophisticated, business-minded advice aimed at one fundamental goal: getting the right result for our clients. Cozen O’Connor also has several ancillary services to serve our clients in a variety of offerings, ranging from government strategies to safety and security and regulatory compliance strategies. Our ancillary businesses are supported by several of our firm’s attorneys and administrative staff and complement Cozen O’Connor’s nationally recognized legal practices.


The Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies group comprises a team of lawyers and professionals who have been active in the political world for decades, including running national, state, and local campaigns and holding high-level political offices in both Republican and Democratic administrations. Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies is rare among lobbying firms for its reach and versatility. We have legislative, administrative, and agency experience; credibility inside the Beltway and far beyond; and truly bipartisan credentials. As such, we are capable of tackling government issues at every level and from any direction.

 The Healy+ Group is a professional services firm specializing in organizational assessments for higher education police and campus safety organizations, Clery Act compliance consulting, after-action reviews and special investigations, expert consulting for civil litigation, and culture and strategy services focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and initiatives. The Healy+ Group serves a broad client base, including higher education, private entities, health care, government, and non-profit entities. We maintain a strong connection with COSECURE, collaborating on assessments that have a physical security, emergency management, and/or cyber-security component. No matter your unique needs, The Healy+ Group is ready to exceed your expectations.


COSECURE offers a range of cybersecurity services, primarily to small and middle-market companies. We employ a risk-based approach to assess the security and privacy of phones, tablets, computers, networks, data management infrastructure, third-party providers, and online accounts, helping clients close any security gaps identified. We provide ongoing social engineering testing to determine our clients’ workforce susceptibility to social engineering/phishing attacks and provide periodic training to educate staff, significantly reducing the chance that employees will fall victim to hackers. Our professionals are government trained, field-tested, and thrive in environments where high expectations are the norm.


HomeBase, The Family Office at Cozen O’Connor was created by the Private Client, Trusts and Estates Practice of the firm to provide family office services independent of investment management or other encumbrances. We administer and coordinate client assets, including trusts, investments including marketable securities, private equity and hedge funds, residences, art or other collections, and pay the client’s bills. While the firm provides no investment management services, HomeBase does provide a personalized family website with access to aggregated assets and personal documents.   


National Subrogation Services (NSS) is one of the largest, most experienced, and successful subrogation and recovery firms in the country handling smaller and moderate sized losses. Utilizing cutting edge technology, artificial intelligence and refined analytics, NSS routinely surpasses industry benchmarks for subrogation recognition and recoveries. NSS has partnered with more than 100 property and casualty carriers to handle claims in all 50 states.


CODISCOVR delivers client-focused, defensible and scalable solutions using advanced technology and intelligent review practices to meet eDiscovery, document review, and information governance needs in a manner that reduces the risks and costs associated with electronically stored information (ESI). Using industry leading technologies, our solutions address all phases of the discovery process from preservation through trial and are also integral to effectively managing ESI in internal and governmental investigations, complex litigation, and other legal matters in which client data is collected, exchanged, analyzed and produced. Our team focuses on streamlined business processes and workflows — such as concept clustering, advanced analytics, and technology assisted review — in addition to traditional document review methods to further reduce review time and discovery costs for our clients.



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