At the Well Weekly

Your weekly, quick-hitting roundup of the latest developments in oil and gas law in Appalachia and beyond (in five minutes or less).

Latest Post: Oil and Gas Update for 4/22/2016 – PA Regulatory Review Commission Narrowly Approves DEP’s Chapter 78 Overhaul, Mistake in DPU Recording Dooms Lease in Ohio, and the U.S. Senate Passes Energy Policy Reforms in a Bipartisan Vote


Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith

Covering state and federal bad faith decisions and practices impacting insurers.

Latest Post: Florida Regulators Approve Policy Language Aimed at Limiting “Assignments of Benefits” Claim Practice


Beyond Borders: An International Business Blog

Topics, trends and laws impacting the international business community.

Latest Post: OFAC Further Amends the Cuban Assets Control Regulations Regarding Travel and Financial Transactions


Class Action Defense Review

Summaries, Events, News and Analysis on Defense of Class Action Lawsuits.

Latest Post: When Does a Defendant Have Standing to Challenge an Attorney Fee Award?


Cyber Law Monitor

Following current trends in cyber, privacy, and data security law.

Latest Post: Phishing and Spoofing Scams — A Few Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Business


eDiscovery Law Review

Summaries, events, news and analysis on electronic discovery issues.

Latest Post: OPINION: Gov’t Officials And Cybersecurity Accountability


Family Law Focus

Updates and insights on divorce, custody, support and other family law developments.

Latest Post: Truths and Myths About Divorce Mediation


Food Recall Monitor

A recipe of food, law and insurance.

Latest Post: GMO Labeling Debates Forge On After Close Senate Vote


From the Sidebar

A practical resource for advocates to navigate successfully through criminal and civil law, rules of evidence and rules of procedure.

Latest Post: Privacy Breaches and Your Business


Health Law Informer

Providing updated news and analysis concerning the world of health law.

Latest Post: Cyber-Security Alert: D.C. Area Hospital Chain MedStar Targeted By Hackers


Health Policy Pulse

Monitoring and analyzing the challenging obstacles in health care policy.

Latest Post: Understanding the Value of Medication: Whose job is it?


Hot Button Blog

Hot topics in Government Relations by our Public Strategies team, a bipartisan group of Government Affairs Specialists working at the federal, state and local levels.

Latest Post: What Hillary Could Learn from Jimmy Carter [The Washington Examiner]


HR Headaches

Human Resources News & Legal Developments.

Latest Post: Schilling Firing: Can You Fire An Employee for What They Say on Social Media?


Products Liability Prevention & Defense

Real-time analysis on preventing and defending product liability claims.

Latest Post: Federal Preemption Narrowed For Aviation Suppliers In Sikkelee v. Precision Airmotive Corp.


Property Insurance Law Observer

Covering first-party decisions and developments.

Latest Post: Recent Washington Decisions Illustrate Need to Handle Property Claims in Timely Manner


Social Media Employment Law Blog

Current and Developing Issues in Social Media and Employment Law.

Latest Post: The Final Four – Do Employers Care?


Subrogation & Recovery Law Blog

Commentary on current issues and developing trends in Subrogation & Recovery.

Latest Post: Imposing Liability on the Non-Manufacturing Seller of a Product in Texas


The ABCs of Immigration Law

Focusing on the interests and the challenges faced by those individuals and business impacted by immigration laws.

Latest Post: Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Important Immigration Case, United States v. Texas


The State AG Report

The latest State AG Activities and Trends.

Latest Post: The State AG Report Weekly Update April 28, 2016