At the Well Weekly

Your weekly, quick-hitting roundup of the latest developments in oil and gas law in Appalachia and beyond (in five minutes or less).

Latest Post: Oil and Gas Update for 7/29/2016 – PA Supremes Rule on “Title Washing” while TX Court Tosses Big-Time Dispute over Mineral Rights.


Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith

Covering state and federal bad faith decisions and practices impacting insurers.

Latest Post: Expanding When Liability is “Reasonably Clear”: Massachusetts Court Chips Away at Bad Faith Counterarguments


Beyond Borders: An International Business Blog

Topics, trends and laws impacting the international business community.

Latest Post: Cozen Represented at Georgetown Law Careers in International Law Panel Discussion


Class Action Defense Review

Summaries, Events, News and Analysis on Defense of Class Action Lawsuits.

Latest Post: When Does a Defendant Have Standing to Challenge an Attorney Fee Award?


Cyber Law Monitor

Following current trends in cyber, privacy, and data security law.

Latest Post: FTC Overturns ALJ’s LabMD Decision and Reasserts its Role as a Data Security Enforcer


eDiscovery Law Review

Summaries, events, news and analysis on electronic discovery issues.

Latest Post: OPINION: Gov’t Officials And Cybersecurity Accountability


Family Law Focus

Updates and insights on divorce, custody, support and other family law developments.

Latest Post: Jurisdiction Over Out-Of-State Property In A Multi-State Divorce


Food Recall Monitor

A recipe of food, law and insurance.

Latest Post: FDA takes Kind Approach to “Healthy” Corporate Philosophies


From the Sidebar

A practical resource for advocates to navigate successfully through criminal and civil law, rules of evidence and rules of procedure.

Latest Post: The Cuban Casualties Escaping Obama’s Notice


Health Law Informer

Providing updated news and analysis concerning the world of health law.

Latest Post: FTC Overturns ALJ’s LabMD Decision and Reasserts its Role as a Data Security Enforcer


Health Policy Pulse

Monitoring and analyzing the challenging obstacles in health care policy.

Latest Post: The Importance of Getting Electronic Health Records Right: Another Way Your Health Data Is at Risk


Hot Button Blog

Hot topics in Government Relations by our Public Strategies team, a bipartisan group of Government Affairs Specialists working at the federal, state and local levels.

Latest Post: Trump and Clinton Continue to Offer Very Differing Approaches to Campaigning


HR Headaches

Human Resources News & Legal Developments.

Latest Post: New Decision Allows Employee Suit for Violation of Concealed Handgun Law


Products Liability Prevention & Defense

Real-time analysis on preventing and defending product liability claims.

Latest Post: FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Requiring Modifications to Medical Device Tracking Labels


Property Insurance Law Observer

Covering first-party decisions and developments.

Latest Post: Forgery May Not Constitute “Theft” Under an Employee Dishonesty Coverage


Social Media Employment Law Blog

Current and Developing Issues in Social Media and Employment Law.

Latest Post: Banning Employee E-Mailing?


Subrogation & Recovery Law Blog

Commentary on current issues and developing trends in Subrogation & Recovery.

Latest Post: Michigan Court of Appeal – Waiver of Subrogation Clause Does Not Preclude Gross Negligence Claims


The ABCs of Immigration Law

Focusing on the interests and the challenges faced by those individuals and business impacted by immigration laws.

Latest Post: New International Entrepreneur Rule Revealed


The State AG Report

The latest State AG Activities and Trends.

Latest Post: The State AG Report Weekly Update August 25, 2016