Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith

Covering state and federal bad faith decisions and practices impacting insurers.

Latest Post: Virginia Holds Determination Whether Insurer Acted In Bad Faith Must Be Made By The Judge And Not The Jury


Beyond Borders: An International Business Blog

Topics, trends and laws impacting the international business community.

Latest Post: Final Trans-Pacific Partnership Text is Released


Class Action Defense Review

Summaries, Events, News and Analysis on Defense of Class Action Lawsuits.

Latest Post: When Plaintiffs Fail to Plead the “Local Controversy” Exception to CAFA


Cyber Law Monitor

Following current trends in cyber, privacy, and data security law.

Latest Post: FTC Loses in LabMD Data Security Case: ALJ Sets High Bar for Consumer Harm


eDiscovery Law Review

Summaries, events, news and analysis on electronic discovery issues.

Latest Post: OPINION: Gov’t Officials And Cybersecurity Accountability


Family Law Focus

Updates and insights on divorce, custody, support and other family law developments.

Latest Post: Introducing A New Significant Other To Your Child During Divorce


Food Recall Monitor

A recipe of food, law and insurance.

Latest Post: FDA’s Comment Period for “Natural” Food Labels Is Now Open


From the Sidebar

A practical resource for advocates to navigate successfully through criminal and civil law, rules of evidence and rules of procedure.

Latest Post: Privacy Breaches and Your Business


Health Law Informer

Providing updated news and analysis concerning the world of health law.

Latest Post: ALJ Rules Against FTC in LabMD Data Security Action: Sets High Bar for Proving Consumer Harm


Health Policy Pulse

Monitoring and analyzing the challenging obstacles in health care policy.

Latest Post: Understanding the Value of Medication: Whose job is it?


Hot Button Blog

Hot topics in Government Relations by our Public Strategies team, a bipartisan group of Government Affairs Specialists working at the federal, state and local levels.

Latest Post: Politics Slow Federal Action on Cybersecurity


HR Headaches

Human Resources News & Legal Developments.

Latest Post: Ban the Box Gaining Momentum


Products Liability Prevention & Defense

Real-time analysis on preventing and defending product liability claims.

Latest Post: Whose Choice Is It Anyway? Split Decisions Over Choice of Law and The Impact On Your Defense Strategy


Property Insurance Law Observer

Covering first-party decisions and developments.

Latest Post: Fifth Circuit: Total Loss Amount Caps Insured’s Recovery Even Under Multiple Policies Covering Different Risks


Social Media Employment Law Blog

Current and Developing Issues in Social Media and Employment Law.

Latest Post: Like It Or Not, Your Employees Can Like It


Subrogation & Recovery Law Blog

Commentary on current issues and developing trends in Subrogation & Recovery.

Latest Post: New Hurdles for Defect Claims by Condo Associations in Texas


The ABCs of Immigration Law

Focusing on the interests and the challenges faced by those individuals and business impacted by immigration laws.

Latest Post: New Speaker Paul Ryan Postponing Talks About Immigration Reform Until 2017


The State AG Report

The latest State AG Activities and Trends.

Latest Post: Climate Change: The New Cause Célèbre for AGs