Developments Under the Affordable Care Act in the Wake of National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius


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Start Date: 11/05/2012


Explore the status of key provisions of the Accountable Care Act

We will discuss the following topics from the perspectives of providers, insurers, states and consumers:

•The statutory and regulatory options for covering Medicaid expansion populations
•Implementation of state insurance exchanges and minimum essential coverage provisions
•Political developments and prognostications concerning the potential repeal, amendment or defunding of the ACA
•Broader implications of the Supreme Court’s reshaping of spending clause and commerce clause jurisprudence

Learn from highly experienced practitioners

Our panelists focus on Medicaid funding and provider reimbursement issues, insurance regulation and government relations at the congressional and agency levels.

Hear timely updates just prior to the November election

The program is timed to immediately precede the November election and to provide a “window” into how states have responded to the Supreme Court’s decision barring mandated Medicaid expansion and to federal incentives to develop insurance exchanges during the period leading to the November election.


Mark H. Gallant, Mark L. Alderman



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