Deposition Guidelines for Insurance Adjusters


St. Petersburg, Florida

Date & Time

Start Date: 01/24/2018
End Date: 01/26/2018


Paul Ferland presented "Deposition Guidelines for Insurance Adjusters" at the Loss Executives Association's 87th Annual Meeting & Educational Conference in St. Petersburg, Fla. 

The purpose of this workshop was to advise potential deponents on how to prepare for a deposition, how to avoid possible pitfalls, and how to testify effectively, so as to strengthen the carrier’s case. The presenters discussed recommended conduct during the deposition, including how to handle difficult questions, objections, and how much (or how little) information to give in your answers. They also examined the difference between being deposed as an individual, based on the deponent’s first-hand knowledge of the disputed claim, versus being deposed as a corporate representative, who testified on behalf of the company.

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