Webinar: Distracted Driving: A Legal, Legislative & Regulatory Overview



Date & Time

Start Date: 11/01/2017
Start Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET


Elliott Feldman, of Cozen O'Connor's Subrogation and Recovery department, Howard Schweitzer, Robert Freeman, and Kaitlyn Martin, of Cozen O'Connor's Public Strategies department, and Dexter Hamilton and Thomas Leonard, of Cozen O'Connor's Commercial Litigation department will host a webinar titled, "Distracted Driving: A Legal, Legislative & Regulatory Overview." Distracted Driving incidents have resulted in thousands of fatalities, hundreds of thousands of injuries, and tens of millions of dollars in auto physical damage losses. Notwithstanding a patchwork of state and local regulations, reports from National Safety Council are that 28 percent of vehicle crashes are caused by texting and cellphone use alone. The challenge for the insurance industry is to combine resources so as to work, as a coalition, to explore enactment of meaningful litigation.

The presenters will discuss:

  • A review of case law relating to the legal responsibilities of manufacturers and providers
  • Technology available to restrict utilization of a mobile device while operating a vehicle
  • An overview of the current statutory framework
  • The legislative/regulatory approach towards implementing blocking technology to prevent distracted driving induced collisions


Elliott R. Feldman

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Dexter R. Hamilton



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Kaitlyn Martin

Principal, Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies


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Howard Schweitzer

Member, CEO, Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies


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