Trademark Infringement: Crafting Your Best Defense



Date & Time

Start Date: 08/22/2018


Lisa Ferrari, a member of Cozen O'Connor's Intellectual Property department, will be speaking during this webinar. Trademark is a valuable business asset. Companies trademark their business name, logo, and tagline to guarantee that they are distinctive in the market. Businesses and corporations pay millions of dollars annually to fight trademark litigation. If any of the aforementioned aspects of one’s business is claimed to have been trademarked by another company and the latter accuses the former of infringement, a trademark battle starts.

Join a panel of key thought leaders and litigators as they bring the audience to a road beyond the basics of defending against trademark infringement litigation and as they delve into the depth-analysis of the current trends and recent court rulings relevant to the topic. Speakers will also provide the audience with practical defense strategies in bringing out the best in these lawsuits in a rapidly evolving legal climate.

Key topics include:

  • Trademark Litigation: Recent Trends
  • Notable Court Rulings
  • Common Litigation Challenges
  • Possible Defenses
  • Best Defense Strategies



Lisa A. Ferrari

Co-Chair, Copyright Practice

(212) 297-2699

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