Finding and Resolving Conflicts of Interest That Lurk Within IP Matters



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Start Date: 04/23/2019



Susan Tighe presented a webinar for the American Bar Association.


This session concentrated on Model Rules, Rule 1.2 on (Scope of Representation), 1.6 (Confidentiality), and Rules 1.7-1.8 (Conflict of Interest).


The Rules were discussed throughout as the panelists explored (i) the scope of subject matter conflicts and client interest conflicts associated with patent prosecution, (ii) the scope of the conflict analysis and conflict shadows in large firms, and (iii) whether the scope of conflicts is expanded for counsel who prosecute Standard Essential Patents ("SEP" patents) and/or who handle litigation or licensing of SEP Patents. Best practices were also provided.


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Susan R. Tighe

Associate General Counsel – Professional Responsibility

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