Practical Guidance for the Food Industry for Avoiding False and Misleading Advertising


Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel
163 E Walton Place
Chicago, Ilinois 60611

Date & Time

Start Date: 04/11/2019
Start Time: 7:30 am CT


Rich Fama will present at the American Conference Institute's Food Law - Regulation, Compliance, and Litigation Conference's Food Advertising and Marketing Law Master Symposium on how the food industry can avoid false and misleading advertising. The conference will feature comprehensive sessions on food advertising and marketing that will provide an in-depth analysis of what counsel need to be aware of as they review product claims as well as strategies to employ in using consumers’ testimonials and developing sound social media campaigns. Rich's program "Practical Guidance for the Food Industry for Avoiding False and Misleading Advertising" will cover: 
  • In the face of uncertainty around exact statements that can be made, what are the best strategies to avoid misleading advertising?
  • Complying with disclosure requirements in order to not mislead or deceive
  • Evaluating how high-profile ingredients (e.g., vitamins, proteins, fruits, and vegetables) can be emphasized effectively as opposed to/in addition to predominant ones
  • Implementing effective ways for handling added sugar claims (e.g., no added sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup)
  • Developing best strategies for making health-related claims (e.g., natural, healthy, organic, non-GMO)

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