Protection of Minors in Higher Education: Conducting a SelfGuided Audit to Inform Policies, Procedures and Practices


UVM Davis Center
590 Main St.
Burlington, VT 05401

Date & Time

Start Date: 10/14/2019
End Date: 10/17/2019


Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie Gomez will be speaking at the University of Vermont Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference. In the aftermath of several high profile examples of serial predation by a college employee, colleges and universities across the country are asking the questions: Could this happen here? And how do we prevent this from occurring again? To answer those questions, Gina and Leslie will explore the myriad ways minors intersect with higher education programs and activities and will assess federal and state laws that impact institutional responsibilities for the protection of children. They will further explore effective policies, procedures and practices related to inventories, background checks, mandatory reporting, supervision, safety protocols, and training. The session will further outline the audits of a self-guided audit to inform effective policies, procedures, and practices. 


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Leslie M. Gomez

Vice Chair, Institutional Response Group

(215) 665-5546

Gina Maisto Smith

Chair, Institutional Response Group

(215) 665-5540

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