Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Conference



Date & Time

Start Date: 07/07/2020
End Date: 07/09/2020



Janet Davis and Irene Yesowitch will be panelists at the CLM's three-day virtual conference, "Cyber, Management & Professional Liability." The 2020 CLM Cyber, Management & Professional Liability Conference is a fully reinvented event that offers unprecedented knowledge access to leaders in the profession. 


Janet's session is titled, "The State of D&O: Cyan, Class Actions and the Future." This panel will discuss the current state of D&O from a variety of perspectives. There will be discussion of such topics as: the upward trend of securities litigation; claims and settlements;  Cyan, Sciabacucchi, and the IPO market; and the effects on pricing and coverage.


Irene's session is titled, "Training to Combat Human Trafficking at your Commercial Premise – Learn the Emerging Risks, Litigation Issues and Preventative Measures!" With increased frequency, human trafficking is emerging as a litigation risk for those in the hospitality industry among other businesses. Increased duties and heightened awareness have fueled a national spike in civil claims being prosecuted, which in turn bring increasing importance to sage risk management. Regardless, civil litigation can emerge for the unsuspecting landlord or business entity where individuals are forced into - sometimes hidden - unsavory and violent activities. Discussing the red flags and knowing the preventative measures are key in combatting liability. Risk management, evolving case law and legislation, litigation practice pointers, verdict analysis, convergence with criminal overlays and coverage issues will be addressed during this presentation.

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