A Year of Transition - The Workplace Changes That Keep General Counsels Up At Night



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Start Date: 09/01/2021


The past 12 months have seen major transitions in the business world, from the impact of COVID-19, a new administration, and new laws at the state level. Joined by in-house counsel, James Argionis, John Dunn, and Christopher Hennessy will recap key changes in the law over the past year, upcoming developments in Springfield, Illinois and Washington, D.C., and how businesses are adapting as the city, state, and nation emerge from the pandemic. The panel will cover the following:

  • Issues in the workplace related to COVID-19 and the status of COVID-19 litigation trends
  • The impact of a new administration at the federal level and changes in the law at the state level
    • The latest on the independent contractor/employee divide
    • Illinois and other states limitations on restrictive covenants
    • Changes to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act and the mandatory reporting on wage data
    • A ballot question to amend the Illinois constitution related to union representation
  • What might next year bring and how businesses can prepare


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