Boilerplate Provisions in Retail Leases in the Age of Covid


Marriott Marquis

San Francisco, CA

Date & Time

Start Date: 11/05/2021
Start Time: 07:45 a.m.
End Time: 08:45 a.m. (PT)


Matthew Weinstein will moderate a roundtable discussion titled "Boilerplate Provisions in Retail Leases in the Age of Covid" at the ICSC Conference. The session will  be a discussion regarding the previously often overlooked boilerplate provisions in retail lease that have taken on new meaning in the Age of Covid.  Among other matters, the discussion will focus on force majeure provisions, insurance issues, supply chain issues, frustration of purposes and similar provisions that in the past received at best cursory review


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Matthew I. Weinstein

Chair, Real Estate Lease Restructuring

(215) 665-4199

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