Ensuring Corporate Supply Chains are Free of Forced Labor



Date & Time

Start Date: 05/11/2021
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 1:00 pm CDT


Heather Marx and Kristi Zentner will be presenting this webinar on the steps corporations can take to identify issues in their supply chains regarding forced labor, including management of manufacturers and vendors, closely watching shipment origins, monitoring import certifications, and other steps corporations can take in an effort to streamline imports. Corporations are facing an increased scrutiny over their business practices and consumers are taking a closer look at how organizations source, manufacture, and disperse products. In recent weeks, the U.S., U.K., Canada, and the European Union imposed sanctions against China over human rights abuses against ethnic minority Uyghurs in Xinjiang and, in return, the Chinese government pushed a boycott of retailers from these countries. 


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Heather L. Marx



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Kristi Adair Zentner

Co-Chair, Women’s Initiative


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