Plenary 2: Why Can’t We be Friends – Civility in the Court Room and at the Negotiations Table



Date & Time

Start Date: 10/15/2021
Start Time: 8:30 am
End Time: 10:30 am


Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said: “Greater civility increases a lawyer’s enjoyment of practice and the effectiveness of the justice  system, while also improving the public’s perception of attorneys.” That said, lawyers are required to zealously represent their clients, but what does that mean? Does it require us to treat our clients’ conflicts or negotiations as  the equivalent of armed combat where everything is fair game, no matter what or who gets trampled along the way to victory? Is it a conflict of interest to be friendly with, or have a personal relationship with, opposing counsel? This program will feature experienced judges and senior lawyers who will explore the ethical and professionalism issues surrounding the interactions between lawyers on opposing sides of a case or deal, including with a court in litigation or with other parties in a transaction. The panelists will discuss real-world examples and present a case for why civility can be a winning proposition for lawyers and clients alike.


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Susan A. Grueneberg


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