Ranked Choice Voting: How it Works and What it Means



Date & Time

Start Date: 03/01/2021
Start Time: 5:00 pm ET
End Time: 6:00 pm ET


Jerry Goldfeder will speak on the “Ranked Choice Voting: How it Works and What it Means” panel for the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute. Jerry will discuss the challenges and opportunities with Ranked Choice Voting, the new voting system for New York City’s 2021 primary election. Topics to be addressed include the following:

  • How does Ranked Choice Voting work?
  • In what ways are ballots going to look and function differently?
  • Why, and by what process, has New York City adopted Ranked Choice Voting?
  • How does it change the way in which candidates are campaigning?
  • What implications does it have for voter equity?
  • And how could Ranked Choice Voting impact election outcomes?


To learn more about this panel, click here.


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