Cozen O’Connor: Ed Weisz quoted in All Things Digital

Ed Weisz quoted in All Things Digital

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ed Weisz was quoted in the All Things Digital article "Why Honeywell Is Suing Nest Labs" regarding the patent-infringement lawsuit that Honeywell International filed against Nest Labs for the seven identified patents Honeywell believes it took from them in developing their new Nest Learning Thermostat. Honeywell is also suing Best Buy, who carries both Nest Lab and Honeywell products.

Weisz weighed in saying he believes that this case will likely result in a settlement unless it can be proven that there was patent infringement, in which case Honeywell could pursue an injunction. The courts, Ed noted, might be more likely to grant an injunction since the product is on the market already. Weisz also noted that he doesn't think that Best Buy will be brought into the matter since their rights to sell products are covered by the Uniform Commercial Code.