Cozen O’Connor: Donald Trump’s Team of Bitter Rivals [CNN]

Donald Trump’s Team of Bitter Rivals [CNN]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, was featured in a CNN article, "Donald Trump’s team of bitter rivals.” In it, Howard provided insight into the unorthodox presidency to expect from Donald Trump. "He comes from a different school of thought than we are used to here in Washington. People here, they want everything choreographed. They are by nature risk averse. He is going to be very different from that perspective," Howard predicted. He also acknowledged the adjustments that must be made by all parties, saying “For sure he is going to have to adapt to Washington but Washington is going to have to adapt to him.” Howard pointed to his lack of experience in any form of office. “He is going to find out that the reality of governing is very different from the reality of even being in government or not having any power,” he added. Click here to view the full article.