Mark Alderman Discusses the Primary Campaigns on Newsmax Prime

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mark Alderman, chairman of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, discusses the Republican and Democratic presidential primary races on Newsmax Prime. When asked about Ted Cruz’s claim that he’s the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in the Republican party, Mark explains that, “I think Donald Trump is the nominee. I think Ted Cruz’s problem is there’s only one Texas and he’s already won it. If he fights to the convention, and Kasich continues, and the establishment, which is somewhere in the second or third stage of grief at this point, continues to resist, sure we could see a chaotic convention in Cleveland but the only result I believe is that Donald Trump is the nominee.” Mark also notes that in the Democratic primary, “Dems are going to stick with [Hillary Clinton] no matter what. She has won this nomination already. Bernie is not going away, he has money, he has a message, he has the millennials. He may stay in this thing until California on June 6, he may win California, but Secretary Clinton is the nominee and what she needs to do is stop fighting with Bernie. She doesn’t need to, she’s already won and she needs to embrace his supporters because she’ll need them in November.”

To watch the full clip, click here.


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