Cozen O’Connor: Donald Trump's Early Crisis [CNN]

Donald Trump's Early Crisis [CNN]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, was quoted in an article on, “Donald Trump's early crisis,” about the recent immigration executive order and the dismissal of acting attorney general Sally Yates. In discussing the White House’s maneuverings in these first few days of the Trump administration, Howard explained, "These sort of amateur hour hijinks are costing President Trump precious political capital ahead of his aggressive legislative push.” He also added, "The PR debacle and failure to circulate this plan with leaders in Congress or our allies was a costly error and overwhelms any of the legitimate policies behind his order."

Howard, whose credentials are highlighted as having “piloted the Senate confirmation process of 20 presidential nominees,” also warns that the White House needs to improve its managerial and administrative processes in light of the ensuing confusion following the announcement of the order. "Trump's executive order was poorly written and implemented, and has generated so much negative press that it's reinforcing the Left's image of the Trump White House as xenophobic, incompetent hardliners," he said.

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