Perspectives on DOT’s "Transparency of Airline Ancillary Fees and Other Consumer Protection Issues” Rulemaking [The Air & Space Lawyer]

David Heffernan of the Transportation & Logistics Department in Washington, DC has edited a special issue of the American Bar Association’s The Air & Space Lawyer publication focusing on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s pending rule making on airline “passenger protections.” DOT has proposed to adopt detailed new regulations that would require airlines to disseminate specific information about the fees they charge for ancillary services, such as checked baggage and advance seat assignments.  DOT, among many other elements in the rulemaking, also proposes to expand the definition of a “ticket agent” to include meta-search engines, such as Google and TripAdvisor, and to prohibit undisclosed biasing of ticket agents’ displays of information about air travel options.  The special issue features articles by representatives of key stakeholders, including U.S. and foreign airlines, travel agents, global distribution systems, and consumers.  David, whose practice focuses on the aviation industry, serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Air & Space Lawyer.  He is co-editor of a treatise entitled “Aviation Regulation in the United States,” which was recently published by the American Bar Association.

To read the article, click here.

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