Sealing the Deal: Imagining a Trump Transition [The Daily Caller]

It is increasingly important for the Trump campaign to shift its focus from campaigning to setting up a transition team prepared to take on the duties of governing should Trump become the next president. Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, discusses the importance of this pivot in his article, “Sealing the Deal: Imagining a Trump Transition.” Howard notes that Trump has positioned himself as an industry outsider and while “outsiders can be great at campaigning…setting up a real-life presidential administration is very much an insider’s game.” Howard states that, “If only by necessity, if [Donald Trump] has any interest in actually being an effective president, Trump needs to come to some sort of accord with the very Washington insider crowd he’s running to topple. And he needs to do it now.”  Howard cautions that a President Trump, “will find that when you close off the government to the political class, you embolden the 'permanent government' – and that will make things even worse.”

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