President Trump’s Anti-Regulation Policy Could Undermine Aviation Industry [Aviation Daily]

David Heffernan and Jennifer Urban of the Aviation Regulatory group discuss current issues in aviation, due to the change in administration.  Aviation companies, like other industries, are hopeful that the Trump administration will adopt a more “hands-off” or deregulatory approach.  Contrary to businesses’ reflexive antipathy toward regulation, some regulations may be helpful to the aviation industry.  These could include additional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to enhance safety, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) efforts to curb abuses of regulations allowing disabled passengers to be accompanied by “emotional support animals” in the aircraft cabin, and new FAA regulations to facilitate broader use of drones for commercial purposes.

To read President Trump’s Anti-Regulation Policy Could Undermine Aviation Industry, click here. To read the full February 14, 2017 Aviation Daily, click here.

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