Los Angeles County Rent Control? 

Manufactured Housing Alert

February 16, 2018

This past year we’ve heard a lot of rumblings about the possible spread of rent control throughout California. Resident groups have gained strength, momentum, and support as they continue to convince elected officials that park owners are “taking advantage of their vulnerability.”

And … here they go again. This time it’s Los Angeles County.

Last week, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors moved forward with a plan to establish rent control in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The approved motion, drafted by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Sheila Kuehl, gave county departments six months to recommend amendments to the County Code to establish a mobile home rent regulation ordinance that would cap annual rent increases at 75 percent of CPI.

Supervisor Kuehl said she hopes that creating the ordinance would, “help prevent people from becoming homeless.”

Park owners need to let their elected officials know that the picture the tenants have painted for them is not the full picture. For those with communities in unincorporated L.A. County, it is imperative that you present the other side of the story and the realities of what rent control will do to the home values in these parks.

As only California community owners know, rent control creates artificially inflated (unaffordable) home values that far outweigh the “affordability” of regulated rents. 

The lone supervisor who voted against this motion was Kathryn Barger. We understand there is another supervisor who is leaning in this direction.  Therefore, if we can convince this wavering vote and one other, perhaps we can stave off this next assault on property rights.

Park owners need to band together like the residents have. There is a lot of truth in the adage “strength in numbers.”


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