Pay Attention To The Law And The Science Of Cannabidiol

Brett Taylor and Amy Alderfer, members of the firm's Commercial Litigation Department, co-authored, "Pay Attention To The Law And The Science Of Cannabidiol," for Law360. Legalization of marijuana has been a popular idea in recent years, with 30 states and the District of Columbia having laws that legalize marijuana in some form. However, under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I drug and remains illegal for all purposes. Schedule I drugs are those for which there currently are no accepted medical uses, and have a high potential for abuse. While the illegality of marijuana is clear at the federal level, even when legalized at the state level for medical and/or recreational use, confusion swirls around substances derived from the cannabis plant. One such substance is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid without any psychoactive properties. In other words, a user of CBD will not feel “high.” There are many other alleged benefits from the use of CBD.

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