CFPB Settles Gaze on Fine Print | FTC Closes Tab on Drizly’s Alleged Security Flaws | AGs Favor Student Debt Forgiveness


The State AG Report – 1.19.2023

Here are curated AG and federal regulatory news stories highlighting key areas in which state and federal regulators’ decisions are having an impact across the US:

  • FTC Finalizes Consent Order with Drizly Following Security Breach Affecting 2.5 Million Customers
  • CFPB Proposes Registry of Terms and Conditions in Consumer Financial Form Contracts
  • AGs Ask Supreme Court to Lift Injunctions on Federal Government’s Student Debt Relief Plan
  • AG Coalition Targets Gun Industry with Second Circuit Briefing in Support of New York Statute
  • Iowa AG Seeks Injunctions to Limit Environmental Damage following Explosion at Shingle Processing Facility
  • AG Coalition Accuses Proxy Advisors of Prioritizing Environment, Diversity over Financial Gain for Clients

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