FTC Cracks Down on Alleged AI Scheme | AGs Light Up E-Cig Industry | PFAStidious About Payments and Plans

The State AG Report – 8.31.2023

Here are curated AG and federal regulatory news stories highlighting key areas in which state and federal regulators’ decisions are having an impact across the US:

  • AGs Voice Concern Over Surge of Illegal Disposable E-Cigarettes Targeting Youth
  • Contaminating Americans’ Drinking Water? You Might Want to PFASten Your Seatbelt
  • Alleged Review Ruse By Roomster Gets Busted by FTC and AGs
  • FTC Action Halts Alleged AI-Powered Earnings Scheme
  • 16 AGs Caution SEC Over SHEIN's Potential IPO and Alleged Business Practices
  • AG Coalition Advocates for Expanded Benefits for Victims of Radioactive Exposure from US Nuclear Tests

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