AGs Snap Back at Tech Immunity | Feds’ Portal Eyes Health Care Market | AGs Gassed Up Over Emissions

The State AG Report – 4.25.2024

Here are curated AG and federal regulatory news stories highlighting key areas in which state and federal regulators’ decisions are having an impact across the US:

  • Republican and Democratic AGs Square Up for Emissions Standards Fight
  • Eugene DePasquale (D) and Dave Sunday (R) to Face Off for Pennsylvania AG
  • Republican AGs Bullish on Protecting Consumer Data from Chinese Communist Party
  • New York AG to Bank: Freeze! No More Restraining Protected Consumer Fund
  • Federal Agencies Launch Public Portal to Bring Health Care Costs Back into Orbit
  • Bipartisan AGs Argue Section 230 Immunity for Online Platforms is Untenable “Engine of Human Misery”

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