NCAA Transfer Eligibility Rule Gets Benched | CFPB Eyes Repeat Scammers | Don’t Mess with Texas’ Consumer Data

The State AG Report – 6.6.2024

Here are curated AG and federal regulatory news stories highlighting key areas in which state and federal regulators’ decisions are having an impact across the US:

  • Proposed Settlement Between AGs, DOJ, and NCAA Would Permanently Bench Transfer Eligibility Rule
  • CFPB Registry to Track Nonbank Financial Offenders
  • Texas AG Gearing Up for “Aggressive” Enforcement as New Privacy Law Takes Effect July 1
  • Utah AG Alleges TikTok LIVE Facilitates Payments for Illegal Activity with Virtual Currency
  • CFPB Launches Inquiry into Fees Imposed as Part of Mortgage Transactions
  • SCOTUS Adopts Favorable Standard for States’ Ability to Enforce Consumer Protection Laws Regulating National Banks

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