Self-insured Recovery

Changing economic conditions and the desire to exert more control over claims management have led many companies to substantially increase their insurance deductibles, take on large self-insured retention limits (SIR), and develop captive insurance schemes. Still, other business losses may not be covered by insurance. Rather than simply accept those potentially sizable losses as the cost of doing business, many companies are enlisting the help of sophisticated recovery counsel. A successful and cost-efficient recovery program can limit or significantly reduce losses sustained due to the misconduct of third parties by rightfully placing legal liability where it belongs. 

Cozen O’Connor is an acknowledged leader in the recovery field, having founded the practice decades ago and representing some of the nation’s largest self-insured corporations. Our team of more than 100 recovery attorneys investigates approximately 20,000 incidents each year and recovers upwards of $200 million annually. Cozen O’Connor has vast experience recovering money from culpable third parties under a wide array of circumstances, including those resulting from fire, water damage, construction defects, material failures, complex machinery and equipment failures, goods in transit, bailment, natural gas and petroleum claims, wildfires, and contribution and indemnity claims. As experienced recovery counsel, Cozen O’Connor is able to identify and successfully pursue even obscure recovery opportunities.

One of our great strengths is our ability to respond to and investigate incidents anywhere in the country within hours. Those first hours after a loss are the most critical, and having in place a recovery team capable of preserving key forensic evidence, coordinating the investigation, and placing all potentially responsible parties on notice is essential. Cozen O’Connor recovery attorneys are available around the clock via the firm’s recovery hotline to answer questions and respond to client emergencies.

Cozen O’Connor attorneys are also keenly aware of the costs associated with investigating and prosecuting recovery cases, and we know there is an incremental cost to keeping unmeritorious claims open. Cozen O’Connor limits those costs by identifying legal and contractual bars to recovery cases in a timely fashion. In addition, Cozen O’Connor’s recovery program operates on a strictly contingency fee basis. We find this is the most effective way to ensure that we are partners with our clients.



  • Pursue claims on behalf of self-insured companies with losses incurred as a result of fire, water damage, construction defects, material failures, complex machinery and equipment failures, goods in transit, bailment, natural gas and petroleum claims, wildfires, and contribution and indemnity claims
  • Handle one-time claims or contract to provide ongoing recovery support
  • Operate a 24-hour hotline for clients to report losses
  • Provide timely and accurate investigation analysis and advice relating to recovery potential, including on-site investigation by experienced recovery attorneys
  • File and prosecute claims valued in excess of $100,000 in state, federal, and foreign courts
  • Provide access to a secure recovery database, which includes information about pending/closed claims, work stage, projected/actual recovery amounts, loss description, responsible parties, and financial data
  • Permit access to our proprietary electronic subrogation and recovery library that contains more than twenty jurisdictional comparison charts and more than 400 papers and reference materials authored by our attorneys
  • Manage two subsidiaries, National Subrogation Services and Maritime Subrogation Services, which handle recovery cases valued at less than $100,000


Elliott R. Feldman

Co-Chair, Subrogation & Recovery Department

(215) 665-2071

Kevin J. Hughes

Co-Chair, Subrogation & Recovery Department

(215) 665-2739


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